A bit about me

I'm Sharon, I live in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. As you can well imagine, life is never dull here. I have my PCC credential through the ICF which I acquired in November last year. I am relatively new to team coaching, I have only facilitated coaching sessions which 3 different team over the past 3 years. All of them using the Enneagram as a basis.

I spend most of my day designing content and workshops, training financial planners to be coaches for their client and coaching individuals around their relationship with money. This is something I am incredibly passionate about. I feel money is just another lens into the person, through coaching we can create awareness around patterns of behaviour that no longer serve the client and then help them shift in their relationship with money.

I look forward immersing myself in the course. I’m both excited and nervous at what might emerge for me through this course over the coming weeks.

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I am a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I live with my family in Mumbai, India. Living close to the beach, I enjoy long walks and Yoga.

I have certifications in various psychometric assessment tools such as Hogan Assessments, MBTI, DISC. I have over 20 years of work experience, of which I have spent 8 years in the United States (West Lafeyette, IN & Rochester, NY). After working for more than a decade in Academia, I joined the Corporate world. My work experience has been in the areas of leadership development and HR in a training center for a conglomerate, a global manufacturing company and a global IT company.
I am an assessor for talent for over 11 years with global talent analytics companies.

I have been coaching over a decade. Based on my learnings from ICF communities of practice, I have been doing team coaching with cross functional teams and teams in the corporate world and Non-profits.

Hi, I lead and mentor a team of 9 continuous improvement coaches at Seattle Children's Hospital. I also deploy internally as a leadership coach, an educator, and a Lean consultant. My team supports leaders at all levels to leverage best practices in visualizing operations and empowering the frontline to drive improvement work. I believe my team could make an even bigger measurable impact if we could sometimes wield team and group coaching as we support teams in complex problem solving. So I'm here to learn and take my learnings back to my team. No matter my role, my passions involve making the biggest positive impact possible via systems change plus developing people. I so look forward to getting to know each one of you, swapping tips and tricks, and laughing as we learn.

Hi all! I am located in Houston, Texas and have lived in Texas all my life except for 4 years as an Expat. My husband and I had the opportunity to live in Tokyo, Japan for 3 years and Hong Kong for 1 year, right after we married. We are still together :).

The first 20 years of my career were as a financial planner. At year 18, I wondered how I would continue to grow and did not know how to answer that question, so I hired a coach. 9 months later I was attending Coach U for coaching training and embarking on a new career.

I left a great job and carried my network with me, serving financial advisors as a coach. It was not long before these leaders asked for support with their teams. In 2014, I led my first team event, part facilitation and part coaching, crafting and finding my way utilizing my coach training. Team and executive coaching are my primary engagements, although I just completed coaching a group of new leaders. I look forward to formalizing a team coaching offering, being vulnerable about the mistakes I've made and eager to try new things.